How to Buy Vehicles

You can purchase a wide range of vehicle solutions for your agency at highly discounted prices through GSA. According to FPMR 101-26.501, you must use GSA to purchase any new non-tactical vehicles for your federal agency. Other eligible users can also purchase vehicles from GSA. Read the How to Purchase Vehicles Tutorial [PDF - 3 MB] to learn about the vehicle purchasing process, the ordering cycle, and vehicle shipment times.


AutoChoice is an online vehicle ordering tool that helps you choose the right vehicles for your agency. You can use AutoChoice to configure vehicles, choose equipment and color options, and view side-by-side comparisons of vehicle models. In AutoChoice you can also check your order status, find fuel ratings, choose dealerships, and run reports.

For more help using AutoChoice, you can view an How to Purchase Vehicles Tutorial [PDF - 3 MB] or the Requisition Detail Guide [PDF - 121 KB].

Express Desk

Vehicles you purchase through AutoChoice are built-to-order, and the delivery time frame will be based on the type of vehicle, your equipment and color choices, and your location. You can use Express Desk if you have an urgent need (in accordance with FAR 6.302-2(c)). You must justify the reason for using Express Desk instead of waiting for normal delivery. If you use Express Desk, vehicle prices will be higher than the established contract prices. The GSA surcharge for Express Desk requisitions is two percent, or five percent during August and September.

Customized Vehicles

If your agency needs a customized or unique vehicle that is not available in AutoChoice, you can use our engineering services to build a custom solution. We can help you:

  • Develop customized specifications for any vehicle and application requirement.
  • Select proper vehicles for the specific application.
  • Select proper vehicle weight ratings and payloads.
  • Select proper engines, transmissions, axles, frames, and electrical systems.

If you need to acquire a customized vehicle for your agency, contact GSA in the early planning stages. We can simplify the technical aspects of your agency requirements and the procurement process. The GSA surcharge for customized vehicles is ten percent for the first vehicle and one percent for additional vehicles on the same order.

Waivers to Purchase Outside of GSA

Per 41 CFR § 101-26.501-1(the FPMR), GSA is the mandatory source for the procurement of all new motor vehicles. Under certain circumstances, GSA may grant a waiver to allow for an agency to purchase outside of GSA. The Agency HQ Fleet Manager must email GSA a detailed waiver letter request. For more information, please email GSA at

Contact for assistance with all of your vehicle purchasing needs.

Last Reviewed: 2021-11-23