Snow and Other Inclement Weather Equipment

Need to keep operations mobile during dire winter conditions? GSA Schedule 23 V includes snow maintenance products.

Special Item Number 271-102 - Snow Maintenance Equipment (Vehicle Mounting) offers:

  • Variety of manufacturers
  • Commercial models;
  • Options for snowplows;
  • Snowplow parts;
  • Snowplow hitches;
  • Snowplow attachments;
  • Snow blowers;
  • Snow sweepers;
  • Truck mounted snow sweepers; and
  • Salt and sand spreaders.

Special Item Number 271-104 - Snow Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment and Attachments offers rider-operated sweepers/scrubbers, self-contained snowplows and snow blowers, runway de-icing, runway brooms, and runway plows.

Special Item Number 272-105 - New Technologies supplies automatic ice chains and automatic tire chains.

Eligible customers can purchase throygh pre-approved vendors found on Multiple Award Schedule 23 V, for the special item numbers listed above. Purchases can be made directly through the vendor, GSAAdvantage! ® or request GSA to purchase on your behalf. Please refer to the letter from GSA's, Federal Acquisition Service, Order Placement Procedures for MAS explaining the MAS ordering procedures.

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-29