Federal Fleet Mgmt. System (FedFMS)

ALTThe U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is proud to announce the GSA Federal Fleet Management System (FedFMS). FedFMS is designed to assist in the management of federal, agency-owned vehicles. Offered to federal agencies at no additional cost, this fleet management tool allows you to better control:

  • Cost;
  • Establish utilization criteria;
  • Manage fleet resources for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

FMR 102-34.340 states that, a federal agency must have a fleet management information system at the department or agency levels that identifies and collects accurate:

  • Inventory;
  • Cost; and
  • Use data to cover the complete lifecycle of each motor vehicle.

GSA's FedFMS is a web-based fleet management system that identifies, collects, and analyzes motor vehicle data with respect to all costs incurred for the:

  • operation;
  • maintenance;
  • acquisition; and
  • disposition of motor vehicles.

FedFMS is open to all federal fleets and imports data from fleet card systems, thereby ensuring consistency across programs, while reducing redundant manual entry efforts. And to ensure a maximum level of data integrity, the system avails itself of automated data feeds directly from other GSA systems that house agency-owned vehicle data.

The FedFMS management tool provides you all the information necessary to satisfy regular reporting requirements such as the Federal Automotive Statistical Tool, Vehicle Allocation Methodology, and annual data calls from OMB. FedFMS is open now to all federal fleets at no additional cost. If you have agency-owned vehicles and a need for a fleet management system, FedFMS is the ideal solution.

To learn more, please visit the FedFMS site.

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