Manage Aviation Programs

GSA has developed the Aviation Planning Desk Guide to help aviation managers improve their Federal aviation programs. This useful planning tool assists managers in meeting OMB Circular A-11 requirements and equips them with the knowledge to wisely manage and invest in aviation assets.

The Aviation Planning Desk Guide helps managers:

  • Evaluate and select aviation asset investments
  • Initiate and manage projects to improve or acquire aircraft
  • Simplify work processes to reduce costs and improve effectiveness
  • Institute performance measures
  • Monitor management processes
  • Define and control life-cycle cost methodology

Aviation Business Case Summary (ABCS): To encourage excellence in the acquisition of aviation assets, the Aviation Planning Desk Guide also provides detailed guidance for the development of an ABCS, including templates and general step-by-step directions. These tools allow aviation managers to effectively plan, procure, and use Government aircraft to achieve the maximum return on investment.

To learn more, download the Aircraft Capital Asset Planning Desk Guide (Life-Cycle Management and Budgeting) [DOCX - 366 KB] .

Last Reviewed: 2021-03-01