Relocation Resource Centers

If your agency is paying for the relocation of employees experiencing a permanent change of station (PCS), you can access relocation services from other federal agencies on a fee-for-service basis. There are six federal agencies, called Relocation Resource Centers (RRCs), that offer relocation services to other federal agencies.

Each RRC has mechanisms for reviewing its performance, customer satisfaction, employee training, and Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) compliance.

All the RRCs below support electronic funds transfer for customer agencies, and manage the move/storage of household goods. All the RRCs except GSA offer business solutions as part of their relocation services, including:

  • Preparing obligatory documents and vouchers;
  • Processing third-party invoices and W-2s; and
  • Counseling employees about relocation services.

HHS offers end-to-end relocation services and management of day-to-day activities with the goal of allowing relocating federal employees to focus their attention on their move. HHS partners with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to offer services including:

  • Development of relocation policy
  • Advice to agency managers on relocation benefit options
  • Continuous monitoring of changes in government travel and relocation regulations
  • Assisting employees with travel arrangements
  • Preparing and processing employee vouchers
  • Processing third-party real estate payments
  • Making tax payments
  • Comprehensive reporting

HHS monitors performance through regular customer satisfaction surveys.

For help or additional information, visit the HHS Program Support Center.

Administrative Resource Center (ARC) Travel Administrators and Travel Specialists can help you relocate employees and manage relocation resources. Staff that have attained designations in the relocation industry such as Certified Relocation Professional, Global Mobility Specialist, and Transportation Officer will work with you to plan, document, and process each relocation case in detail.

ARC Relocation Management Services include:

  • Providing advice to agency managers on relocation benefit options
  • Keeping up to date on changes in government travel and relocation regulations
  • Assisting employee with travel arrangements
  • Preparing and processing employee vouchers
  • Making tax payments

ARC identifies and monitors key performance measures in their customer agreements. They check the status of those metrics daily using system reports at a transaction level and then report summary results to their customers. They also provide an online survey form to the employee to request feedback on their services.

For more information, visit the ARC Travel Services website.

The Interior Business Center (IBC) of the DOI provides Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Services that are dedicated exclusively to relocating employees, relocation managers, and agency financial organizations.

Their relocation services include:

  • Personalized employee and agency customer service
  • Review, interpretation, and application of relocation laws/regulations/policies consistently for all PCS services
  • Assistance with preparation, submission, and payment processing of travel vouchers
  • Extensive review and pre-audit of PCS vouchers
  • Processing of Withholding Tax Allowance
  • Processing of Relocation Income Tax Allowance vouchers and payments
  • PCS payments made through on-site payroll office and reflected on W-2s

The IBC RRC monitors performance by Client Performance Metrics reports which are generated and issued to client agencies on a quarterly basis. These reports incorporate the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between IBC and the client agency. The IBC tracks every PCS document to ensure compliance with the SLA. A minimum acceptable rate of 98% is maintained for all agencies. Processing times can be customized to suit an agency's needs within the SLA.

For forms, guides, and contact information, visit the IBC PCS Services website.

The EPA’s Federal Employee Relocation Center (FERC) offers end-to-end services for both domestic and international employee recruitment, retention, and relocation. You can choose full-service relocation management or "à la carte" services in just one area, such as home sales. FERC’s full-service relocation management includes:

  • Full cost consultation with program offices and human resources
  • Employee relocation program planning and coordination
  • Electronic creation of the employee travel authorization and vouchers
  • PCS travel agent services (booking air travel, lodging, car rentals)
  • National temporary quarters network
  • House-hunting trip coordination
  • Comprehensive home sale and home purchase program (includes buyer’s value option, amended value, and guaranteed home sale)
  • Home Marketing Incentive Payment (HMIP) program assistance
  • Expedient reimbursement of expenses and auditing
  • Electronic expense management and reporting
  • Records management
  • Issuance of RITA vouchers
  • Managed customer service help-desk

FERC partners with the following organizations to provide these services:

  • mLINQs, LLC
  • Move Management Inc.
  • Primacy Relocation
  • Capital Relocation
  • Sibcy Cline Relocation
  • Marriott ExecuStay
  • Oakwood Worldwide
  • CWTSato Travel, Inc.
  • CitiMortgage
  • Bank of America

EPA performs comprehensive employee relocation surveys for internal (EPA) and external (other Federal Agencies) customers who use their service. They provide the summary results of findings to their customers.

For help or additional information, visit EPA’s FERC Relocation Process for New Appointees website.

The VA Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Travel Section provides step-by-step assistance to employees from their decision to accept a new position to the settlement of their final relocation claim. They also act as the liaison for Move Management, Relocation Services, and Real Estate Reasonableness Review.

Their services include:

  • Providing support and guidance to stations on initiating and completing the Intra-Agency Transfer Request
  • Establishing the travel authority
  • Recording obligations
  • Facilitating advances and bills of collection processes
  • Assisting with the relocation voucher process
  • Performing audits and payment of vouchers in accordance with the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR), Board of Appeal decisions, and agency policies

The Financial Services Center (FSC) of the VA has established performance metrics for timeliness and accuracy of payment processing. On a monthly basis, their internal auditors randomly sample payments processed to determine compliance with VA regulations and policies and the FTR. The results of these audits are posted on their customer website. FSC conducts a pre-move and post-move customer satisfaction survey of each relocating employee. FSC uses feedback provided by their customers to evaluate their level of service and identify opportunities to enhance services.

For PCS guides and points of contact, visit the VA PCS website or email

GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Employee Relocation Resource Center (ERRC) offers relocation services for federal employees transferring across the government, as well as leadership, advocacy, education, and networking for other RRCs.

The FAS ERRC uses a consultative approach to tailor relocation services to each agency or RRC’s needs and offers services such as:

  • Guaranteed home buyout programs
  • Expense tracking
  • Corporate housing
  • Property management

Our rates for routes and shipments are lower than commercial rates. We continuously monitor current market conditions and vendor pricing.

FAS ERRC continually monitors program performance by assessing price, service, and overall value. Via independent assessments required as part of the Office of Management and Budget Program Assessment Rating Tool process, Centralized Household Goods Traffic Program (CHAMP) rates were found to be 8.6 percent lower than commercial rates for the same routes/shipments. We monitor service through standardized customer satisfaction surveys and apply the results to calculate a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) which is statistically blended with the posted rates to develop a Value Index (VI). We post the indices on our Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS) alongside rates so that agencies may assess price as well as service when selecting among GSA's 280+ carriers.

For home sale assistance, we monitor current market conditions to ensure fixed rate pricing is based on services and costs necessary to list and close on program homes. Schedule vendors must provide Commercial Sales Practice documentation of Most Favored Customer Pricing.

Legal disclaimer

The federal agencies and programs listed have voluntarily nominated themselves as Relocation Resource Centers (Centers). This list does not represent an endorsement of any single Center or group of Centers by the General Services Administration (GSA), or by its Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP). Additionally, OGP’s Office of Asset and Transportation Management has not and will not substantiate any of the claims or statements made by the agencies concerning their Center’s PCS service offerings.

This list is provided "as is" and for the purpose of offering information to assist Federal agencies in seeking solutions to their employees’ PCS needs. A point of contact is provided for each Center and it is recommended that they are contacted relating to any information or questions you may have concerning their services.

Last Reviewed: 2021-07-23