Federal Real Property Profile Management System (FRPP MS)

About the FRPP MS

The FRPP MS (formerly known as the FRPP) was created under Executive Order 13327 "Federal Real Property Asset Management" to be the Federal government’s "database of all real property under the custody and control of all executive branch agencies, except when otherwise required for reasons of national security."

Executive branch departments and agencies subject to the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act of 1990 are required to submit data to the FRPP MS on an annual basis. Data is reported at the constructed asset level for each land, building and other structure that is owned, leased or otherwise managed by the agency.

Link here for FRPP MS Data Collection and Reports.

The Real Property Policy Division is responsible for managing the FRPP MS, assisting agencies with the annual data collection process, coordinating with stakeholders on initiatives that require real property data, and analyzing and creating the reports available in the FRPP Summary Reports Library.

Geo Location Code (GLC) Overview

A GLC is an alphanumeric code that federal agencies must use for reporting geographic information, including data elements in the Federal Real Property Profile Management System (FRPP MS). For more information about GLCs, please go to www.gsa.gov/glc.

How to Find a GLC Code

Last Reviewed: 2021-06-07