Real Property Asset Management Tools

GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) actively leverages technology to make new and enhanced tools available to the Federal real property community. Below is a list of all the applications and tools OGP advanced in fiscal years 2015 and 2016. We encourage you to utilize them in your work and welcome any questions or suggestions you might have on how these tools can be improved.

  • Federal Real Property Profile Management System (FRPP MS)

    The FRPP MS is the successor to the Federal Real Property Profile, a database created in 2004 to house information about the nature, use and extent of the Federal government’s real property. Launched on a new IT platform in 2015, FRPP MS includes more dynamic and enhanced data collection, analytics, visualization, security, and business intelligence tools for the Federal real property inventory than the old system.
  • Data 2 Decisions (D2D)

    D2D is a data warehouse that mines and connects large data sets and includes tools for dynamic data analytics and visualization. Users will be able to use these tools to create enhanced reports using their agency’s real property data and to see many pre-formatted reports. The Real Property Management Tool and the Asset Consolidation Tool described below are D2D tools that OGP designed specifically for the real property community.
  • Real Property Management Tool (RPMT)

    RPMT consolidates FRPP and GSA occupancy agreement data to help agencies find opportunities for consolidations, colocations and disposals using data visualization technology. The tool shows the utilization of agency assets, potential cost avoidance opportunities from the disposal of underutilized and inactive assets, and allows agencies to compare their data with government-wide averages. RPMT can help agencies develop their Reduce the Footprint plans.
  • Asset Consolidation Tool (ACT)

    The ACT gives agencies the ability to see what federally-controlled office space exists in a geographic area, such as a zip code or mileage radius. The ACT can be a valuable tool to assist agencies in finding potential consolidation or co-location opportunities through targeted searches for space that other federal agencies are occupying.
Last Reviewed: 2021-08-03