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Federal employees should contact their agency Travel Manager before using this system. Agencies should have established policies that are more in-depth and detailed than what is written in the FTR.

Non-Federal customers (contractors, state and local governments, universities, etc.) should contact their organization’s travel manager or Human Resource office for assistance. We can only address each inquiry as it would pertain to the Federal employee, and cannot dictate how a particular policy would apply in the non-Federal community.

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The Federal Travel Regulation applies only to Federal employees on official travel away from their local duty station or areas defined by their agency, and therefore do not represent any state, city, or agency's travel policy.

For Federal per diem rates, please visit /perdiem.

For Federal mileage reimbursement rates, please visit /mileage.

For the meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) breakdown, please visit /mie.

For Federal contractors and grantees, please contact your agency representative or contracting/grants office for further assistance. Since the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) does not apply to Federal contractors or grantees, we cannot effectively address these types of inquiries.

For employees working in private sector organizations, including non-profits, universities and long-haul trucking, you may want to contact the Internal Revenue Service ( 800-829-1040 or http://www.irs.gov), which establishes per diem policies, as well as the mileage rates for the non-Federal sector.

For state and municipality workers, besides contacting the Internal Revenue Service, you may want to contact your state or municipality’s office or visit their web site for information pertaining to per diem rates and travel policies developed specifically for your state or municipality.

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