Federal Fleet Report (FFR)

Agencies annually report motor vehicle fleet data, as required under Subpart J of the 41 CFR 102-34 Motor Vehicle Management regulation, using the Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST). FAST is a web-based reporting tool cosponsored by GSA and the Department of Energy.

A summary of this data which conveys annual agency motor vehicle fleet inventory, cost, fuel consumption, and use data is made available below. This promotes accountability and supports transparency across Government.

FFR Open Data Set

Spreadsheets of summary data of federal motor vehicle fleet inventory, cost, and use data as reported by Federal agencies.

FFR Dashboard

Data tool that allows users to aggregate, analyze, and display visualization data relevant to their interest in the federal motor vehicle fleet.

Questions and comments regarding the FFR can be directed to vehicle.policy@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2022-05-25