Federal Management Regulation

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The Federal Management Regulation contains updated regulatory policies concerning property management and related administrative activities. Executive agencies may use the FMR to help manage administrative programs such as personal property, real property, and transportation.

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Last updated July 1, 2020. Contents may be out of date. Refer to eCFR.gov for the most up-to-date regulation information.

FMR Subchapters

The FMR is located in Chapter 102 of Title 41, Subtitle C of the Code of Federal Regulations and contains 6 subchapters:

Personal property is any property except buildings, land, agency records, and naval vessels as defined in section 102-36.40.

  • Government aircraft management.
  • Motor vehicle management.
  • Personal property management.
  • Foreign gifts and decorations management.

Real property is buildings and land as defined in section 102-71.20.

  • Real estate acquisition.
  • Facility management.
  • Real property disposal.
  • Design and construction.
  • Historic preservation.
  • Other physical space management topics.

Transportation refers to the shipment of government property or employees’ personal effects.

  • Transportation management.
  • Transportation payment and audit.
  • Federal Management Regulation System.
  • Federal advisory committee management.
  • Home-to-work transportation.
  • Internet GOV domain.
  • Mail management.
  • Creation, maintenance, and use of records.
  • Standard and optional forms management program.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-07-29