Construction Excellence Features

Planning Phase:

  • Select delivery system appropriate for the project utilizing Project Delivery Method (PDM) tool and market feedback
  • Develop appropriate documents in conjunction with customer defining the project goals, program requirements, constraints, schedule and funding
  • Prepare "Project Management Plan" with acquisition plan, resources, schedule, budget, and risks.
  • Perform a PDRI (Project Definition Rating Index) with the project team to identify the level of understanding of the project.

Design Phase:

  • Utilize Construction Management Professional Services contracts for programming, space planning, constructability, building code compliance, accessibility reviews, estimating etc.
  • Utilize construction expertise for constructability reviews and budget control.
  • Prepare separate independent estimates for comparison to Architect/Engineer (A/E) estimates at multiple milestones throughout the design.
  • Work with Facilities to prepare a preliminary commissioning plan.

Construction Phase:

  • Educate/train GSA workforce and stakeholders on deliver method being utilized to ensure understanding of the process and align expectations
  • Utilize past performance systems in selection of the construction contractor.
  • Conduct "Partnering Session" with all key stakeholder personnel - constructor/builder, designer, construction manager, customer and GSA.
  • Develop a cost management system to ensure the project remains within the established budget.
  • Process contractor payments in a timely manner.
  • Perform informal monthly evaluations of A/E, CM and construction contractor.
  • Perform "Construction Peer Reviews" at approximately 15 and 60 percent stage of construction for all large or special projects.
  • Utilize "Partnering" and "Alternate Dispute Resolution" to resolve disputes.
  • Perform "walk through" inspections with the customer agency on a regular basis to ensure they understand the space being provided and status of the work.
  • Prepare construction contractor "Performance Evaluations" at the intervals required during construction.
  • At the 90% construction stage, conduct a peer review to evaluate the success of the project and document Lessons Learned and Best Practices.
  • Implement Commissioning Plan.

Other Features:

  • Awards program to recognize contractors for exceptional Construction Excellence.
  • GSA engagement with industry groups (e.g. CII, CMAA, NIBS, COAA, AGC) performing research into better ways to deliver construction projects.
  • Training program and support for GSA personnel and customer stakeholders.
  • Maintain "Partnering" relationships with the Association of General Contractors, American Institute of Architects, Project Management Institute, Construction Management Association of America and other organizations involved in building construction.
Last Reviewed: 2023-01-30