Construction Excellence Peer Program

The Construction Excellence Peer Program, established in 2000, is a program that follows on the heels of the Design Excellence Program. The purpose of the Construction Excellence Peer Program is to utilize the knowledge and experience of outstanding senior managers in the building construction industry and academia to support project delivery and improve the GSA construction program.

Executives with extensive successful construction experience have been selected by the GSA and appointed by the Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service to serve as national construction excellence peers.

These individuals will serve on small panels that will visit project sites nationwide in the early and mid stages of construction for a two-day review to evaluate the performance of project teams and assess project health. Based on the panel’s observations and the discussions held during the two-day sessions, these reviews provide critical real time feedback to the team regarding what is working well, the challenges/risks identified, and recommendations that may strengthen the project and support the team in successfully delivering the project. After the evaluations, the peer panel is kept aware of the project status, and may be called upon to provide additional recommendations for successful project completion.

Near the completion of the project, the panel again engages the team but with a focus on accessing the success of the project and identifying and documenting best practices and lessons learned. The information gathered will feed into the GSA national BP/LL database for future teams to leverage.

The national construction excellence peers will also provide recommendations for improving the overall GSA construction program.

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-30