What's Green?


GSA is making buildings more sustainable and reducing their environmental impact through wise and efficient use of energy, water, and materials/resources. For more information on how OPM has prioritized greening efforts in the Theodore Roosevelt building, see OPM's website.


Increasing the efficiency of our buildings: The Theodore Roosevelt Building is undergoing a major renovation and modernization as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Midway through the project, we are already seeing energy and water savings from improvements and upgrades to window insulation; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems; lighting; and water fixtures.

Reducing petroleum: We have instituted new vehicle guidelines and continue to improve the efficiency of our nationwide fleet. In FY 2012, we reduced petroleum consumption more than 41,000 gallons by downsizing to fuel- efficient compact and subcompact models, including 22 hybrids and 55 E- 85 (ethanol) flex fuel vehicles.


Using renewable energy: In FY 2012, OPM obtained 6.1% of electricity from renewable sources, including 74,553 kilowatt hours of power generated from solar panels installed on the roof of the Theodore Roosevelt Building.

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