Obtain Comprehensive Support Services for Presidential or Congressional Commissions and Boards

We provide you, the executive director of a commission or board, access to a suite of services including human resource management, payroll and financial management, background investigations, IT, realty services, and other administrative support services. See our full list of offerings.

We will support you throughout your organization’s life cycle, from standing up your agency, actively managing your needs while in operation, and providing assistance as your agency is decommissioned. We are committed to understanding your needs and finding solutions that align with your requirements.

Our account management team dedicated to serving commissions and boards (CABs) is ready to assist your team with the full life cycle of your program and coordinate support to help your organization navigate the federal landscape. Our support enables you and your team to focus on your core mission.

How to get started

  1. To discuss your requirements, email us at cabs@gsa.gov.
  2. Work with us to develop requirements for needed services.
  3. Finalize and sign an interagency agreement documenting services requested from GSA in exchange for reimbursement from your agency.

What we offer

Security and USAccess

  • Official government identification card issuance
  • Background investigations

Legal services

  • Legal administrative support services
  • Policy guidance

Equal employment opportunity (EEO)

  • Guidance on EEO matters
  • Coordination of EEO complaint processing

HR services

  • Hiring
  • Staffing
  • Recruitment
  • Position clarification
  • Compensation and pay administration
  • eOPF (Electronic Official Personnel Folder) files
  • Benefits administration / retirement counseling

Ad hoc services

  • Assisted acquisition services
  • Expanded IT services
    • Web hosting
    • Website domains
  • Expanded HR services
  • Realty services
  • Expanded legal services
  • Travel support services
  • Expanded EEO services

Financial services

  • Payroll services
  • Financial management

For more information contact the CABs team by emailing us at cabs@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-28