Transition Progress

This page includes select, high-level measures of progress in transitioning from expiring network services contracts.

Transition Progress Tracking Report Dashboard

The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Transition Progress Tracking Report (TPTR) Dashboard provides a high-level monthly overview of transition progress from the expiring Networx, WITS 3, and Local Telecommunications Services contracts. The charts within the dashboard were specifically selected by a collaboration team made up of agency, EIS contractor, and GSA representatives to communicate transition progress. The high-level goal of transition is to drive the active inventory on the expiring contracts to zero.

Download the following tracking report for tables, figures, and detailed information:

EIS Transition Progress Tracking Report Dashboard [DOCX - 60 KB]

Fair Opportunity Solicitations

Below are forecasts by month of the number of Fair Opportunity (FO) solicitations expected to be released by the large and medium agencies, as defined in the TSMP. These forecasts are for planning purposes only, based on plans as of the date reported, and subject to revision over time.

Large Agencies

The graph below shows the number of FO solicitations expected and issued to industry by each of the large agencies.

Data reported as of 07/31/2022 for FO Solicitations # Expected and FO Solicitations # Issued to Industry for large agencies.

Medium Agencies

The graph below shows the number of FO solicitations expected and issued to industry by each of the medium agencies.

Data reported as of 07/31/2022 for FO Solicitations # Expected and FO Solicitations # Issued to Industry for medium agencies.

Agency Transition Completion Status

Below is a list of agencies that have completed transition. Transition is considered complete when 100% of Transition Inventory (TI) Service Instance Records (SIRs) have been disconnected as reported by Networx, WITS 3 and Regional contractors and Business Volume (BV) Reduction reaches 100%. As of 07/31/2022 there are 103 agencies that completed transition including three (3) medium, 46 small, and 54 tribes.

Agency Category AB Code Agency Name Transition Complete Date
M 7200 US Agency for International Development Mar 2022
M 1100 Executive Office of the President Jul 2021
M 5100 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Apr 2021
S 9000 Selective Service System Jun 2022
S 7100 US International Development Finance Corporation May 2022
S 9515 Administrative Conference of the United States Apr 2022
S 0300 Library of Congress Apr 2022
S 9577 Millennium Challenge Corporation Apr 2022
S 6200 US Office of Special Counsel Mar 2022
S 4853 Medicare Payment Advisory Commission Feb 2022
S 0091 United Nations World Food Program Jan 2022
S 0915 Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission Dec 2021
S 0073 Army and Air Force Exchange Service Oct 2021
S 9512 Japan-United States Friendship Commission Oct 2021
S 0090 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission Oct 2021
S 0054 Inter-American Development Bank Sep 2021
S 5902 National Endowment for the Arts Sep 2021
S 5901 National Endowment for the Humanities Aug 2021
S 0067 United Nations Aug 2021
S 0052 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States Jun 2021
S 9511 Federal Housing Finance Agency May 2021
S 9588 Gulf Coast Ecosytem Restoration Council May 2021
S 4892 US China Security Review Commission May 2021
S 1148 US Trade and Development Agency May 2021
S 9537 Commission for the Preservation of Americas Heritage Abroad Apr 2021
S 9540 Neighborworks America Apr 2021
S 6908 AMTRAK Jan 2021
S 4602 Appalachian Regional Commission Jan 2021
S 1294 Milk Marketing Association Jan 2021
S 0065 Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation Jan 2021
S 9549 Mark K Udall and Stewart L Udall Foundation Dec 2020
S 9542 Office of Government Ethics Dec 2020
S 0084 National Building Museum Sep 2020
S 4952 National Center for Atmospheric Research Sep 2020
S 3312 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Aug 2020
S 0814 Congressional Budget Office Dec 2019
S 1917 International Boundary Commission US and Canada Sep 2019
S 4953 US Arctic Research Commission Aug 2019
S 0064 Pan American Health Organization Apr 2019
S 4883 Dwight D Eisenhower Memorial Commission Mar 2019
S 9533 Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence In Education Foundation Feb 2019
S 5600 Central Intelligence Agency Nov 2017
S 9574 Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance Oct 2017
S 7618 Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation Sep 2017
S 4895 Commission for International Religious Freedom Jul 2017
S 9551 Director of National Intelligence Nov 2016
S 9565 Federal Coordinator Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects Nov 2016
S 1252 Graduate School USA Nov 2016
S 9561 Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board Nov 2016
T NA59 Augustine Tribal Enterprise May 2022
T NC05 Sault STE Marie Tribe (NC05) Apr 2022
T MA02 Shoshone-Pauite Tribe (NA02) Mar 2022
T NC10 Ponca Tribe of Nebraska (NC10) Feb 2022
T NB20 Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation (NB20) Feb 2022
T NA13 Dine College (NA13) Jan 2022
T NAJE Jemez Pueblo Tribe (NAJE) Dec 2021
T NA54 Washoe Tribal Health (NA54) Dec 2021
T NC09 Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska (NC09) Dec 2021
T NAJE Jemez Pueblo Tribe (NAJE) Oct 2021
T NA35 Alabama Forte Tribal Reservation (NA35) Sep 2021
T NA-B Bois Forte Tribal Reservation (NA-B) Sep 2021
T NA46 Coure Dalene Tribe (NA46) Sep 2021
T NB10 Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians (NB10) Sep 2021
T NB11 Delaware Nation of Western Oklahoma Sep 2021
T NASO South Central Foundation (NASO) Sep 2021
T NA19 Benewah Medical Clinic (NA19) Aug 2021
T NC25 Shakopee Sioux - Mystic Lake (NC25) Jul 2021
T NC33 Sisseton Wahpeton College (NC33) Jul 2021
T 2809 Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska-Ho-Chunk Inc (2809) Jun 2021
T 2811 Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska-Ho-Chunk Inc (2811) Jun 2021
T NB09 Yavapai-Prescott Tribe of the Yavapi Reservation Arizona (NB09) Apr 2021
T NA48 Zuni Tribe (NA48) Mar 2021
T 1158 Morongo Band of Cahuilla Indians (1158) Feb 2021
T NA32 Colusa Indian Community (NA32) Feb 2021
T NATA Tanana Chief Tribe (NATA) Feb 2021
T NA41 Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (NA41) Jan 2021
T NA05 Chief Leschi Schools (NA05) Jan 2021
T NC02 Navajo Tribal Utilities Authority (NC02) Jan 2021
T NB18 Hoopa Valley Tribe of California (NB18) Dec 2020
T NB16 Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians (NB16) Dec 2020
T NA29 Squaxin Island Tribe (NA29) Dec 2020
T NC21 Ute Mountain Tribe (NC21) Dec 2020
T NA47 Guidiville Rancherio (NA47) Nov 2020
T NA61 Havasupai Tribe (NA61) Nov 2020
T NAK0 Karuk Tribe of California (NAK0) Nov 2020
T NA37 Kickapoo Tribe (NA31) Nov 2020
T NA42 Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island (NA42) Nov 2020
T NC08 Rosebud Sioux Tribe (NC08) Nov 2020
T NA49 Shawnee Tribe (NA49) Nov 2020
T NA44 White Eagle Health Center (NA44) Nov 2020
T NA69 White Mountain Apache Telecom (NA69) Nov 2020
T GRLA Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council (GRLA) Oct 2020
T NA14 Penobscot Indian Nation (NA14) Oct 2020
T NA33 Mechoopda Indian Tribe (NA33) Aug 2020
T NA57 Yurok Tribe (NA57) Aug 2020
T NA03 Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde Community Of Oregon (NA03) Feb 2020
T NAS0 Stillaguamish Tribe (NAS0) Feb 2020
T GLIF Great Lake Indian Fish and Wildlife (GLIF) Dec 2019
T NAS1 Stillaguamish Tribe (NAS1) Jun 2019
T NAS2 Stillaguamish Tribe (NAS2) May 2019
T NC06 Mohican North Star Operations (NC06) May 2018
T NC12 Muckleshoot Indian (NC12) May 2018
T NA56 United South and Eastern Tribes (NA56) Jun 2017

Data reported as of 07/31/2022

Last Reviewed: 2022-09-08