PBS customer dashboard

PBS is transitioning to a new project management system called Kahua. If a project has been migrated from the old system to Kahua, information in the PBS Customer Dashboard may not be up-to-date for that project. Projects are migrated in accordance with the Kahua Deployment Schedule. Efforts are being made to connect the PBS Customer Dashboard to Kahua by Spring 2023. We recommend you reach out to your client point of contact or the GSA project manager for updated project information. Thank you for your patience.

What is the PBS Customer Dashboard?

The PBS Customer Dashboard provides 24/7 access to project and occupancy information for federal agencies with space managed by GSA PBS. The dashboard displays a current operational view of GSA-managed occupancies, Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWAs), and projects of all types, with the most recent status and financial information available. All data in this dashboard can be exported via CSV using the download feature in the footer of the view.

The dashboard has four views:

  • My Projects
    View your agency’s current projects with GSA, from new space leases or construction to space consolidation or design projects. Compare project counts by type, funding amount, size, location and current lifecycle phase. Find details of individual projects including team members and POCs, funding obligations and balance, and latest schedule milestones achieved.
  • My RWAs
    View your agency's open Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWAs), types A, B, F, N and R. Find overall obligation amounts and remaining balances per RWA type, see which RWAs are substantially complete but not financially closed, and review trends in RWA acceptance throughout a fiscal year. View details of individual RWAs including financial and funding information, POCs, primary worksite, and status dates.
  • My Occupancies
    View your agency's current, final Occupancy Agreements with GSA and filter by size, location, bureau, and OA lifecycle status. Identify upcoming occupancy planning activities based on due dates for strategic and technical requirements for expiring OAs. Explore the details of individual OAs to find parking counts, square footage, cancellation or termination information, OA effective and expiration dates, and POCs.
  • NEW - My Locations
    Coming August 2020! View your agency's locations, including building details, space type, and lists of OAs for each location. You can also identify building type, historic status, CBSA, and other important building/location information.
  • My Rent
    View your agency's annual or monthly rent bills by bureau, building, city, state, or by individual OA. Compare your agency's rent bills by month, or by calendar or fiscal year. Examine yearly trends in square footage and rent.

How To Access The PBS Customer Dashboard

All agencies with GSA-managed space have access to the dashboard. Individual access is managed on an agency-by-agency basis and verified by a Access Approver. If you would like access to your agency's information, contact pbs.dashboard@gsa.gov to be referrred to your agency's Access Approver. If you already have approved access to the PBS Customer Dashboard, see below:

Training Guides and Resources

Take advantage of the many available resources to get started and make the most of your access to the dashboard.

Contact Us

Send an email to pbs.dashboard@gsa.gov if you have any questions, technical difficulties or comments on the PBS Customer Dashboard.

Last Reviewed: 2023-02-15