Service Contracts

Facility Operations provides program policy, guidance and technical support for the national custodial program and the national operations and maintenance program.

National Custodial Specification

We use the National Custodial Specification [PDF - 1 MB] to contract for custodial services in GSA-owned facilities. These services include: cleaning, window washing, trash, waste and recycling management, grounds and landscaping maintenance, Integrated Pest Management services, and snow and ice removal.

Use the space change tool [XLSX - 77 KB] to calculate vacant or backfill space.

National Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Specification and Consolidated Services

Operations and maintenance includes services such as Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning, elevators, escalators, fire safety, roof, structure, energy, electric, switch gear, painting, plumbing, and carpentry.

The National O&M Specification [PDF - 714 KB] pertains to services in the following areas: repairs, preventive maintenance, tours, water treatment, equipment inventory requirements, required contractor's reports, safety and environmental management, fire protection and life safety equipment, boiler/pressure vessel operation and inspection standards, hazardous materials.

Our contracted workforce must adhere to the GSA Preventative Maintenance Guide [PDF - 7 MB] (and change log [XLSX - 38 KB]) to extend the life of GSA-controlled buildings, equipment, and systems.

Consolidated Services

These performance work statements (PWSs) contain requirements for O&M, Custodial, and Vertical Transport Services all under one contract.

Supporting Documents and Exhibits

Each of the following are referenced in the PWS. Contractors can use the templates as a form to be completed and updated as annotated. Exhibits 3 and 5, the NCMMS Audit Tool, and the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan are used by the Contracting Officer’s Representative to help grade contractor performance and by the contractor as a standard of reference for performance. The contractor may use exhibit 4 as an aid when pricing construction work for GSA.

Last Reviewed: 2022-12-01