FAQ for Long Term Lodging

These descriptions are short-hand for the LTL Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) and the LTL MAS (Multiple Awards Schedule). The BPA LTL holders are a group of the MAS Vendors who have agreed to unique terms and conditions.

Long Term Lodging (LTL) is designed for lodging needs of 30 nights or more. FedRooms provides Federal Travel Regulation (FTR)-compliant hotel accommodations at or below per diem with standardized amenities for federal government travelers while on official (TDY) business. The Emergency Lodging Services program enables Federal and State agencies and entities to quickly secure lodging accommodations and services for first responders, government employees, support personnel and evacuees; resulting from an emergency or declared disaster.

It’s fast and easy! Since $10,000 is the micro purchase threshold, there’s no need to solicit competing quotes. Just call your preferred vendor and book your lodging with your Travel Charge Card.

For the Property-Specific Solution: You must solicit quotes from all vendors, with exceptions detailed below.

For the Vendor-Aided solution: You must solicit from a minimum of three vendors.

For the Property-Specific Solution: You do not need to solicit a quote if the total cost is under $10,000. You do not need to solicit quotes from a vendor who does not have a property in your travel location, and if the procurement is over $250,000 you must document this reason.

For the Vendor-Aided solution: You do not need to solicit a quote if the total cost is under $10,000. Also, FAR rules require that you ask for a discount off the catalog price when the acquisition exceeds $250,000.

You will need your Statement of Work, budget, and location.

Yes. Send the LTL vendors one email with them all bcc’ed. To save time, make sure you have your Statement of Work, budget, and location.

Procurement times depend on many different factors. It is recommended to send the LTL vendors your Statement of Work, budget, and location to get started with the acquisition process.

Please visit GSA eLibrary to see a list of vendors for LTL Vendor-Aided Solution.

*Note* The City, State next to the Vendor’s name are the Vendor’s headquarters, not the available locations.

Our office can perform assisted acquisition services for LTL procurement over $50,000. It includes services for the entire acquisition life cycle. There is a small fee for assisted acquisition services. If you are interested please contact Thomas Cumber at thomas.cumber@gsa.gov.

General rules regarding stays of 30 days or more can be found within the Federal Travel Regulation under §301-11.14; however, you should contact an official at your agency to inquire about guidance specific to your agency.

Yes, as long as the lodging is being paid by your agency.

The process is different across agencies. Please contact your agency’s Travel Manager.

Last Reviewed: 2022-07-05