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TTS Solutions is committed to serving the public and modernizing the way citizens interact with their government. This includes using technology to improve transparency, security, and the efficiency of federal operations while also increasing citizen participation. We are acutely focused on the citizen experience with government digital services and are committed to improving the public's interaction with government through technology.

Incrementally investing in crowdsourced technology ideas from federal employees to improve the public's experience with the federal government.
Saving money and speeding development of federal APIs by offering a hosted shared service for API management. Enables greater developer adoption and cross-agency metrics through the use of government-wide API keys.
Catalyzing public engagement and participation in innovation and problem solving through crowdsourcing and prize competitions.
Supporting public engagement in scientific discovery and participatory research across the federal government.
Helping agencies meet the requirements of the Federal Source Code Policy and providing a platform to make federal code publicly available.

Digital Analytics Program (DAP)
Offering advanced, easy web analytics tools, training, and support to help the government make data-driven decisions to improve the digital public experience.
Offering the public open access to datasets from across the federal government.
Creating community connections and providing guidance on building digital services to transform how the government interacts with the public.

Helping agencies avoid spending duplicative funds for security-related costs and saves valuable time by establishing an authorize once, reuse many times IT security program for cloud service offerings. (Transitioning from OMB)
TTS is working with OMB to develop and implement the next generation of interagency collaboration tools and shared services.
Creating a standard search experience across government websites, providing the public with quick, easy access to the government information and services they need.

U.S. Digital Registry
Offering an authoritative inventory of official government social media and public-facing collaboration accounts, mobile websites and apps.

Making it easier for the public to find and understand the government services and information they need— anytime, anywhere. The program includes the Spanish-language site, USAGov en Español and voter registration microsite,

U.S. Web Design System (USWDS)
Providing guidance and code to transform how the government delivers a seamless, trustworthy and optimal digital experience to the public.*
Providing federal agencies with an easy, secure way to create websites and deploy applications to the cloud.


Offers a simple, flexible, and convenient way to start collecting customer feedback so you can focus on serving customers rather than managing surveys.*
Providing the public one account to access participating government services online.

Federal Citizen Services Fund

Funding multiple projects within Technology Transformation Services (TTS) Solutions, the Federal Citizen Services Fund (FCSF) drives innovation in government through interagency programs to enhance the federal government's ability to do business electronically and to disseminate Federal government information to the public. Most of the programs within the Technology Transformation Services' (TTS) Office of Solutions fall into this category.

The Acquisitions Services Fund (ASF) is a revolving fund and reimbursement is required. Some of TTS Solutions' activities are funded out of the ASF, rather than the FCSF. TTS Solutions' ASF-funded programs are marked with an asterisk on the table above.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-02-28