Vendor Information

These are questions frequently asked by the vendors.

How does one get on the GSA vendor list?

Contact your local Fleet Management Center (FMC).

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What are the procedures for processing a GSA Fleet transaction?

For all fuel transactions, or service or maintenance transactions under $100:

  • If your credit card machines accept WEX INC cards simply swipe the card and follow the instructions;
  • If you are unable to accept the WEX INC card directly, call the number on the back of the card and you will be given a MasterCard number over the phone; and
  • If you don’t accept credit cards, sign up for Automated Clearing House(ACH)/Direct Deposit into your bank account.

For service and maintenance transactions over $100:

  • Prior to performing work contact GSA’s Maintenance Control Center (MCC) or Accident Management Center (AMC) at 866-400-0411.

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Will the WEX card be utilized by other federal agencies as well as GSA Fleet?

Not necessarily. Each agency is responsible for issuing a fleet card task order. In addition to GSA Fleet, the Departments of Defense, Energy, and Treasury have all chosen WEX as their fleet card. To find out which fleet card internal agency vehicles are utilizing feel free to contact GSA’s SmartPay Office and your agency coordinator.

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Currently using the Voyager card - do I cancel the contract with Voyager to begin accepting the WEX card?

No. Voyager has commercial customers who may use your shop now and in the future. If there is a concern about the amount of business to be processed using the Voyager card, please contact Voyager.

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Currently using the WEX card – are there any requirements/restrictions about being placed on the GSA Fleet vendor list?

No. WEX will provide GSA Fleet with a list of merchants accepting the WEX card. This list will be updated on a regular basis. These merchants will be added to the GSA Fleet list of merchants available for GSA Fleet business.

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