BMO Awarded Vendors

All Phase I and Phase II BMO contractors have complied with the Section 889 mandate. Modifications have been completed to include FAR clause 52.204-25 Prohibition on Contracting for Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment (AUG 2020) in all BMO contracts.

The documents below list BMO contractors, their contact information, their websites, and corresponding service categories for Phase I and Phase II awarded vendors.

See below for information about which states are included in the various zones;

  • Zone 1 includes Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington DC.
  • Zone 2 includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
  • Zone 3 includes Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
  • Zone 4 includes Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Zone 5 includes California and Nevada.
  • Zone 6 includes Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Phase I

Phase I was rolled out to Zone 1. Select the following links to view the awarded contract information.

Additional Phase I Resources

Phase II

Phase II was rolled out to Zones 2-6. Select the following links to view the awarded contract information for each zone.

Additional Phase II Resources

Federal Buying Options on Acquisition Gateway

See what's new in Category Management, the process of managing product or service categories as strategic business units and customizing them to meet customer needs. The Acquisition Gateway is an information portal for all purchasing vehicles, presented in hallways of like solutions. Select "Facilities and Construction" under Hallways to get more info on BMO and other Facility Related Services. You can find BMO pricing in the Gateway under the Federal Users side.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-03