How to Use BMO

BMO will help your agency acquire building maintenance and operations services more efficiently and economically. GSA issues a Delegation of Procurement Authority to the customer agency Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) who performs the acquisition.

For detailed ordering procedures, please refer to the BMO Ordering Guide [PDF - 637 KB].

For VA customers, please refer to VETS VIP Certified Vendors [XLSX - 14 KB].

Request Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) Training

The DPA establishes the Ordering Contracting Officer's (OCO's) roles and responsibilities. DPA training is a mandatory activity for Ordering Contracting Officers (OCO). Only warranted Contracting Officers (CO) are eligible to receive a DPA. A single DPA will be issued for both BMO and BMO SB.

To get started, use the BMO Training Request Form. See BMO Training for an upcoming schedule of training events. Once training is completed CLPs will be issued with instructions on requesting a Delegation of Procurement Authority. You will be able to issue task orders after receiving your DPA.

Scope Reviews

GSA offers scope reviews to ensure the BMO/BMO SB contracts are being used properly. While a scope review is optional, it is highly encouraged to ensure the best fit with BMO services and to help reduce the risk of protest due to scope. Most reviews will be completed within 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the task order. Please complete this BMO Scope Request Form [DOC - 49 KB] and send along with the statement of work to the BMO Team at email:

How to Issue a Task Order

For more detailed procedures, please refer to the BMO Ordering Guide [PDF - 637 KB]. Ordering guidelines are in accordance with FAR Part 16.505.

  1. Conduct Market Research and Acquisition Planning.
  2. Request optional scope review (
  3. Build the Task Order Solicitation.
  4. Issue the Task Order Solicitation via GSA eBuy or your Agency's preferred method.
  5. Conduct Evaluations. Award the Task Order.
  6. Send awarded TO to the BMO Team at
  7. Report Contract Actions: View instructions on task order reporting in the FPDS-NG System.
  8. Administer the Task order.
  9. Review Past Performance: Review and report your contractor's past performance.
  10. Close out your task order when appropriate.

GSA Ombudsman

GSA has appointed an Ombudsman to resolve complaints related to fair opportunity in the ordering process as well as reviewing any decision to place a contractor in dormant status. Learn more about GSA’s Procurement Ombudsman and see additional contact information.

Federal Buying Options on Acquisition Gateway

See what's new in Category Management, the process of managing product or service categories as strategic business units and customizing them to meet customer needs. The Acquisition Gateway is an information portal for all purchasing vehicles, presented in hallways of like solutions.

Check out BMO on the Acquisition Gateway through OMB Max. Select “Facilities and Construction” under Hallways to get more info on BMO and other Facility Related Services. You can find BMO pricing in the Gateway under the Federal Users side.

Last Reviewed: 2022-08-11