A copy of both the BMO Small Business and BMO Unrestricted solicitations can be found on this site and the Acquisition Gateway under the Facilities & Construction Hallway and Building Maintenance and Operation (BMO) Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) page.

A list and map of the awarded Zones can be found on this site and on the Acquisition Gateway under the Facilities & Construction Hallway and Building Maintenance and Operation (BMO) Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) page.

Listings of the BMO and BMO Small Business contracts are located on this site or additionally on the GSA eLibrary and the Acquisition Gateway.

Pricing information for all BMO contractors is accessible on the Acquisition Gateway under the Facilities & Construction Hallway and BMO Library of Resources (BMO Hub). Once on the BMO Hub page:

  1. Select the applicable Phase Pricing tile;
  2. Select BMO Phase Pricing Information; and
  3. Finally select appropriate filters.

The BMO contracts are not available to State and Local governments.

Yes, ordering agencies must follow the procedures outlined in FAR 16.505 and solicit all contract holders that offer the services included in their requirement, allowing each contractor a fair opportunity to be considered for each order.

All BMO vendors that qualify for the service categories applicable to the requirement scope and are included in the appropriate zone for the place(s) of performance should be solicited (FAR 16.505(b)(1)), unless a Fair Opportunity exception applies (FAR 16.505(b)(2)). Note that BMO Small Business allows for small business set-asides under FAR 16.505(b)(2)(F) for specific socioeconomic categories.

Yes, only BMO awarded contractors may respond to task order solicitations issued under BMO. During the 10 years there could be periodic open seasons to on-ramp contractors to the vehicle. However, these open seasons may only be open to certain pools of vendors such as small businesses or specific socioeconomic category.

Only competitive 8(a) task orders are allowed, without a waiver.

An 8(a) offering letter is required at the task order level when doing an 8(a) set-aside procurement against BMO.

Great question, to which there is no definitive answer. FAR 16.505 does not specify the type of solicitation to be utilized. Therefore, the solicitation used could vary depending on the individual requirement, the type of solicitation anticipated, the value of the requirement, the need for a legally binding response and the preference of your agency.

No, BPAs are not allowed against BMO contracts.

No, BMO is currently for CONUS use only for the awarded Zones.

As the BMO contract vehicles utilize commercial terms and conditions, in accordance with FAR Part 12, cost-reimbursement type orders are prohibited. Task orders may be placed on a Fixed Price (all types), Time and Material or Labor Hour basis or a combination of these.

Contracting Officers are strongly encouraged to take the Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) training prior to writing their solicitation for BMO services to ensure that their requirement is within scope and structured appropriately to maximize the efficiencies that BMO can offer.

Task order solicitations may be posted either through the GSA eBuy system or by the individual ordering agency's preferred method (e.g. email).

Only BMO awarded contractors are able to respond to task orders solicited under BMO, therefore if an incumbent does not hold a BMO contract they would not be able to respond to these solicitations. However the incumbent could potentially subcontract with any of the BMO contract holders.

The BMO contracts were awarded from responses to the RFPs posted to Since BMO is not an open solicitation, like Schedules, BMO does not accept proposal submissions after the closing of the RFP. However, there may be instances where BMO will have an open season to On-Ramp vendors. If an On-Ramping is determined to be necessary, or in the Government's best interest, a notification will be posted to the BMO website and

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-19