CRASH - Collision Repair Accident & System History

Welcome to GSA's Innovative CRASH Module.

Comprehensive, Repair, Accident, and Systems History (CRASH) is available to assist with tracking vehicle accident activity, past, and present.

GSA Fleet's goal is to provide customers with the necessary resources to help improve driving statistics. By providing tools to obtain the facts, the number of accidents and accident costs can be driven down. Performing CRASH data analysis results in decreased accident/incident frequency. By providing customers with the tools to perform in-depth fleet analysis, everyone benefits. The result is quality vehicles that are safer and more cost-effective for everyone.

The CRASH system provides all GSA Fleet customers with an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of all accidents and incidents that involve vehicles (and drivers). Simply enter a customer number and access code to login. As an existing GSA Fleet leasing customer, access to CRASH is a click away.

Using the customer number and access code provided, please log-in here: CRASH. If a customer number and access code have not been provided, please contact a Fleet Service Representative (FSR) here: Find An FSR.

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