Mileage Express

Mileage Express is GSA Fleet's web-based mileage reporting system that allows you to:

  • Report GSA Fleet leased leased vehicle monthly mileage
  • View the last 12 months of reported mileage
  • Bulk upload mileage by transferring the vehicle data
  • Enter a Fund Code, Acct. No. 1 and Acct. No. 2 codes.

To enroll in Mileage express contact your local Fleet Service Representative (FSR) or Fleet Management Center (FMC), to request your customer number and access code. Then, log on to GSA Fleet Drive-thru to begin reporting your mileage. To log in or find out more details go to GSA Fleet Drive-thru.

In addition to Mileage Express, GSA Fleet leasing customers can report mileage through these other two methods:

Last Reviewed: 2020-05-14