FAQs, Driver Training

Below are questions frequently asked of the GSA Fleet Driving Course support team.

GSA does not mandate the driver training course for drivers of GSA Fleet vehicles; however, some federal agencies set such mandates for its employees. Please refer to your agency’s training policy.

  • Ask your Fleet Service Representative (FSR); or
  • Email howsmydriving@gsa.gov your agencies GSA Fleet vehicle tag number and a GSA Fleet representative will provide you with a valid customer number to gain access to the Defensive Driving Course.

All federal employees who drive GSA Fleet vehicles may take the DDC free of charge. The course is offered at a federal discount to drivers of agency-owned vehicles, via GSA Schedule 874.

Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off before you login.

The NSC Defensive Driving Course typically takes four hours to complete. The course does not need to be completed all at once. It can be saved and continued at a later date and time.

All federal employees working for the same agency, at the same location, would use the same GSA Fleet customer number in order to create an account.

You will need to create a new account and log in as a new student.

Technical assistance and additional information may be obtained by contacting the NSC Frequently Asked Questions [a nongovernment website] or by calling the NSC toll-free Help Desk at 800-775-1484.

For questions regarding authorized use of a GSA Fleet vehicle, contact the Federal Management Regulation 102-34 Motor Vehicle Management.

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Last Reviewed: 2019-02-19