Emergency Lodging Services (ELS)

GSA has awarded the fourth generation of the ELS Blanket Purchase Agreement (ELS 4.0) to the incumbent, Corporate Lodging Consultants (CLC). GSA's ELS program enables Federal and State agencies and entities to quickly secure lodging accommodations and services for first responders, government employees, support personnel, and evacuees resulting from an emergency or declared disaster. The GSA Lodging® Project Management Office manages the relationship and Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA) with CLC. ELS may be utilized by any Federal Government Agency or State Government requesting to become an authorized user of the BPA.

Steps for Agency's to become an authorized user of the BPA and purchase Emergency housing

  1. Contact GSA – Agency Contracting Officer or prospective user emails onthego@gsa.gov with the following information: agency name, agency address, authorized user(s) names, titles or roles, phone number(s), email address, and state XXXXXXXX (agency name) would like to become an authorized user of the ELS-BPA. Each submission must identify at least one Contracting Officer to support the team and cannot include contractors as users.

  2. Once the agency is authorized, the agency's designated Contracting Officer or authorized user will call the ELS contractor, CLC (1-800-321-0455), directly, and can also issue a task order directly with CLC using the task order template [PDF - 210 KB] The task order must include agency requirements, payment and reporting/auditing requirements. Payment of all services under this task order is the sole responsibility of the specified ordering activity.

The ELS BPA may be used for:

  • Global Pandemics
  • Lodging for natural and manmade disasters
  • Relief/emergency support personnel
  • Displaced disaster/emergency evacuees
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) events
  • National Special Security Events (such as the Presidential Inauguration, the G7 Summit to the US, political conventions, and dignitary visits)

Services offered under the ELS BPA include:

  • Locating and sourcing temporary housing with a single call to CLC
  • Negotiating discounted rates
  • Providing ancillary services (i.e., food and laundry services)
  • Providing an audit and reporting trail
  • Blocking rooms for personnel during a COOP event

The BPA includes a unilateral right to add additional users at no cost.

Quick Links for additional information and background on the ELS 4.0 BPA:

If you have any questions regarding ELS, please contact Marcus Witowski on 202-740-3250 or email marcus.witowski@gsa.gov

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Last Reviewed: 2022-09-22