Acquisition Workforce Division

The GSA Acquisition Workforce Division (AWD) champions career management by delivering resources, training, education, and policies that empower the workforce to make smart buying decisions and deliver consistent taxpayer value. AWD is within the Office of Acquisition Policy and executes the priorities of the Senior Procurement Executive.

Our programs include:

  • GSA’s Career Management Infrastructure - Develop the scope and responsibilities of a formal Career Management community of practice and provide role implementation guidance and resources.
  • Federal Acquisition and Agency Certification Programs
  • GSA Warrant Program - Oversee the Warrant Program to ensure the agency follows a standardized process for qualifying and appointing individuals as contracting officers.
  • Workforce Training and Career Development - Develop resources, policies and services to educate the workforce and support onboarding, retention and career progression.
  • Policy, Workforce Data Management, and Internal Controls
  • GSA Career Management Innovation Lab - The Lab runs experiments in human capital management and iterates on moonshot projects that are critical investments for nurturing new ideas, helping to develop technologies and business strategies, and recruiting the best talent.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-04-15