Eligibility Determinations

Determinations of Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply

GSA’s Office of Acquisition Policy (OAP) is only one of the GSA offices that make Determinations of Eligibility for entries to use GSA Sources of Supply. Generally, GSA program offices make Determinations of Eligibility for entities to use the GSA Sources of Supply that they manage. GSA program offices resolve most requests for Determinations of Eligibility. GSA program offices that receive requests for Determinations of Eligibility may decide that certain requests are so complex that they require OAP analysis. In those cases, the GSA program offices will advise the requesters to contact OAP directly.

OAP's Determination of Eligibility process is most helpful for a request for a Determination of Eligibility to use multiple GSA Sources of Supply (limited to GSA Schedules), or to use GSA Fleet.

An organization’s eligibility to use GSA sources of supplies and services is determined according to GSA Order OGP ADM 4800.2I, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services [PDF - 444 KB].

All entities requesting eligibility determinations must complete the information listed below and send to spe.request@gsa.gov.

In order for GSA to determine whether your organization is eligible to use GSA sources, you must submit the following relevant information:

  1. A statement regarding the requesting entity’s type (ex. nonprofit agency, State or local government, tribal government, local educational agency, institution of higher education, etc.);
  2. A statement of the authority or authorities, statutory or otherwise, creating the requesting entity;
  3. Supporting documentation, to include copies of all referenced statutes, codes, articles of incorporation, contracts, cooperative agreements, or other documents, including all those listed in number two, above;
  4. The GSA Sources of Supply the requesting entity seeks to use (ex. Cooperative Purchasing under Schedules 70 and 84, GSA Fleet, GSA SmartPay, etc.); and
  5. Any additional information, limited to one page, that supports a determination that the requesting entity is eligible to use GSA sources and/or the specific GSA source it seeks to use.

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