Transportation Management Policy

As someone who works in a government transportation program, you may use the information provided to manage shipments of government property or employees’ personal effects. However, you must refer to your agency transportation policy and procedures for specific requirements. It’s the agency’s decision whether to move shipments and how to do so.

Find guidance according to where you are in the process before, during or after shipping.

Before shipping

Plan well to help ensure the shipping process goes smoothly:

  1. Gather information
  2. Make shipping decisions
  3. Prepare the shipment

During shipping

Use the process established by your agency to execute the shipment:

  1. Align all parties
  2. Confirm pickup
  3. Confirm delivery

After shipping

Conduct the proper follow-up to protect the government's interests:

  1. Audit payments
  2. Claim damages
  3. Maintain records

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Last Reviewed: 2021-01-13