Leasing Overview

GSA, the nation's largest public real estate organization, provides workspace for over one million federal workers. These employees, along with government property, are housed in space owned by the federal government and in leased properties including buildings, land, antenna sites, etc. across the country.

  • View the Leasing Desk Guide (LDG) for authorities, policies, technical and procedural guides, and administrative limitations governing the acquisition by lease of real property.
  • Offer your available space for lease via the Lease Offer Platform (LOP) where building owners and their representatives can electronically offer space to the Federal Government via our AAAP and RSAP.
  • Current Lessors can process annual taxes and request a change of ownership (Novation).
  • Learn how we incorporate sustainability in our leasing procedures.

Lease inventory

View our monthly lease inventory (posted after the 15th of each month) for data such as region/location, lease number and expiration, occupation percentage, annual rent, etc. to conduct market research for future leasing opportunities:

FY lease prospectuses

View lease prospectuses by fiscal year to see a list of GSA prospectus projects.

Last Reviewed: 2022-12-02