Lease Delegations

Federal agencies can apply for conditional delegations of leasing authority to procure space.

GSA grants agencies delegation of authority to lease a certain type of space through special purpose, categorical, or general purpose delegations.

  • Special purpose delegations, defined in FMR 102-73.160, are standing delegations of authority granted to federal agencies to lease special purpose spaces. The list of approved special purpose spaces is different for each agency.
  • Categorical space delegations, defined in FMR 102-73.145, are used to acquire spaces for specific or unique purposes such as docks, greenhouses, hospitals, ranger stations, and others. View the complete list of categorical spaces in FMR 102-73.145.
  • General purpose delegations are those that do not fit the other definitions.

Obtaining a delegation

To obtain a delegation, you must demonstrate that you can acquire and administer the lease and it is cost-effective for us to authorize the delegation.

If you request a general purpose or special purpose leasing delegation, you must comply with FMR Bulletin C-2 [PDF - 196 KB], which explains how to process leasing delegation requests, provide guidance to petitioning agencies, and perform the post-award review process for delegated leases.

If your agency wants to use a general purpose, categorical, or special purpose leasing delegation for a space larger than 2,500 square feet, you must submit a delegation application in the GSA G-REX data system. To access the G-REX system, fill out the G-REX Account Request Form for External Users [PDF - 27 KB] and email it to

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Last Reviewed: 2023-05-31