Federal identity, credential, and access management

FICAM is the governmentwide approach to implementing the tools, policies, and systems that an agency uses to manage, monitor, and secure access to protected resources. FICAM has four main parts.

  • FICAM architecture and playbooks

    Use the FICAM architecture as a guide to meet federal mandates efficiently and securely. It focuses on enterprise identity processes, practices, policies, and information security disciplines.

  • Federal CISO Council ICAM Subcommittee

    Use this interagency forum as a resource for identity management, secure access, authentication, authorization, credentials, privileges, and access lifecycle management. The subcommittee aligns identity management activities of the federal government and supports collaborative governmentwide efforts.

  • Approved products list

    View tested and approved commercial products for Personal Identity Verification credentialing systems, physical access control systems, and public key infrastructures.

  • The federal PKI

    View the network of entities that issue PIV credentials, PIV-Interoperable credentials, and other-person digital identity certificates. These entities, policies, processes, and auditing of all the participants are collectively referred to as the federal PKI.

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For questions about FICAM, email icam@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-11