Federal Robotic Process Automation Community of Practice

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Our community

We help agencies across the federal government overcome the technical, management, and operational challenges that arise in designing and deploying an effective RPA program. Our 1,400+ members come from over 100 departments and agencies.

What you can expect

We help federal government agencies convert RPA enthusiasm into action. We help federal agencies develop programs that:

  • Are cost effective and auditable.
  • Avoid common pitfalls.
  • Make a significant impact.

We also offer:

  • Knowledge-sharing events, like webinars and office hours.
  • Publications, newsletters, and other valuable guidance on best practices.
  • Information on governmentwide insights and trends.
  • Connections to other members and help to solve common challenges.

Join us

If you are a federal employee with an email address that ends in .gov or .mil, email FedRPA-subscribe-request@listserv.gsa.gov and nothing in the subject. If you are a federal contract employee, first get permission from your employer, be sure your participation aligns with the terms and conditions of the contract with the federal government, then join using your .gov or .mil email address.

Need more help?

Send your questions or comments to RPA_COP@gsa.gov.

More info

News and updates

Blog: GSA calls on federal emerging tech leads to form RPA Community of Practice
Video: Automation in federal work: Robotic process automation

Last Reviewed: 2022-12-14