Digital strategy

Service, accountability, and innovation are core values at GSA. Read how GSA is improving transparency around our work, particularly in the digital space.

21st Century IDEA

The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act, passed in December 2018, established a framework for federal agencies to improve our websites and streamline digital service delivery. At GSA, we are continually working to improve online customer service. Read about our progress:

Open data

GSA regularly releases agency data to the public via our Open datasets page.


Have a question about open data at GSA? Email us at

Open source software

GSA is setting the standard in government by working towards 100% open source. In response to OMB 16-21, we have developed our own open source policy.


The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act aims to improve management of federal IT, and agencies are required by OMB to publish the following information related to our FITARA implementation.


GSA's Action and Milestone plan for FITARA implementation

Common baseline

GSA's Implementation/CIO Assignment Plan as proposed by OMB to assist agencies in meeting the mandates of FITARA.

OMB-required information on the agency CIO:

OMB-required information on the Agency CIO Governance Board Membership list:

Agency IT Policy archive

Visit our Directives library for a list of directives, orders, and instructional letters. The policies are also available as a downloadable zip file.


Since the Federal digital strategy initiative launched in May 2012, GSA has been working to build interoperability and openness securely into our systems. We are developing common standards and producing better content and data to be delivered through multiple channels in device-agnostic ways. Continually addressing privacy and security in the digital age, we are creating an environment where citizens are increasingly becoming partners in building a better government.

GSA has successfully met its digital-strategy milestones [PDF - 103 KB] remaining agile and flexible, and fundamentally shifting the way we approach digital government. The agency has also pioneered several government-wide solutions called for in the strategy that are helping all agencies implement this important initiative. We will continue to follow the Open Data Policy—Managing Information as an Asset [PDF], and be more open and transparent about our work to serve our partner agencies, and the American public.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-11