GSA hosts Industry Day for Brownsville-Gateway Land Port of Entry modernization project

Two people in front of a room welcome a crowd to the event.
GSA Senior Contracting Officer Ashley Morgan and Senior Project Manager Jason Williams welcome participants to Industry Day on April 10.

On April 10, the Brownsville-Gateway Land Port of Entry (LPOE) modernization project team hosted an Industry Day that drew a crowd of interested attendees eager to learn about the project, which has a price range of $170 million to $190 million. 

Attendees received information on the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Mega Construction Project Program. They also learned about GSA’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) program, including an overview of GSA’s IRA funding for low embodied carbon (LEC) construction materials, emerging and sustainable technologies, and high-performance green buildings.

Construction industry professionals in attendance learned about adopting environmentally friendly practices—one of the Industry Day priorities. It also provided networking opportunities for suppliers and installers in the asphalt, concrete, cement, glass and steel materials industry.

GSA representatives were on hand to outline the project’s scope and highlight the significance of embracing LEC materials. 

“We’re thrilled with the turnout and enthusiasm we saw today,” said Jason Williams, GSA Senior Project Manager. “It’s great to see that businesses are interested and we’re excited for the future of the project.”

The event participation showcases the success and importance of Industry Day while emphasizing the project’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement. 

“By working together with stakeholders inside and outside of the government, we can pave the way for the success of not only this project but other LPOE projects in our region and the nation,” said Kendall Waldie, Director of GSA’s Regional Public Buildings Service’s Design & Construction Division. “Participation in events like this is essential to the larger success of critical and innovative projects like the Brownsville-Gateway LPOE.” 

This is a promising start to the project’s journey toward using LEC materials in infrastructure development. Stay up to date on the Brownsville-Gateway LPOE modernization project by visiting the project’s website