Office of Customer Experience

What is Customer Experience?
Customer experience is more than just customer service: it is an individual’s perception of all their interactions with an organization or brand. Good customer experiences are intentionally designed with people in mind.

What is Human-Centered Design (HCD)?
Human-Centered Design is a problem-solving framework that brings together designers and stakeholders to reimagine systems, products, or services, and how they can become more relevant and emotionally resonant to the people who use them. Smart design is at the root of providing quality customer experiences.

What We Do
The public expects the same level of service from the government as they’d get from any private sector organization at scale. The mission of GSA’s Office of Customer Experience is to improve the end-to-end experience of GSA customers by aligning operations to customer needs. We are embedding customer-oriented thinking into our daily operations to ensure we deliver sound products, as well as great customer experiences.

How We Work
Strategy: Through the development of innovative team strategies and action plans, we work across GSA to achieve major goals based on customer data
Research: We collaborate with teams to better understand agency customers’ needs, and to ensure consistent customer experiences enterprise-wide.
Capacity Building: As we develop and strengthen our agency’s customer experience abilities and processes, we help teams adapt and thrive at GSA.
Pilots: By prototyping future products and processes, we are able to gather the user feedback we need to evaluate and refine big ideas.

Additional Resources

There are great resources available to federal agencies looking to advance CX and HCD at their organizations. Here are a selection of sources that we recommend learning from:


Last Reviewed: 2021-07-21