Office of Customer Experience

GSA’s Office of Customer Experience (OCE) is the first agency-wide organization to focus solely on improving customer experience and fostering a customer-first mentality. OCE’s mission is to improve the end-to-end experience of GSA customers by aligning operations to customer needs. Since its inception in 2014, OCE has been working across GSA business lines to better understand GSA customers’ experiences.

What we do:

  • Customer Research: We create customer interview and survey guides, journey maps, and personas. Our research strategies and outputs shed light on customer perspectives and streamline internal processes to collect customer feedback.
  • Human-Centered Design: We integrate a user-driven framework that begins and ends with the customers we are designing for.
  • Action Planning: We interpret and implement customer feedback within the organization.

How we do it:

  • Strategy: Through development of innovative team strategies & action plans, we work across GSA to achieve business goals based on customer needs.
  • Research: We collaborate with teams to better understand customer needs and to ensure consistent customer experiences enterprise-wide.
  • Capacity Building: As we develop and strengthen GSA’s customer experience abilities and processes, we help teams adapt to shifting customer preferences.
  • Pilots: By prototyping products and processes and gathering user feedback, we are able to evaluate and refine big ideas to prioritize investments.
Last Reviewed: 2019-08-19