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GSA’s Latest Hit Video Highlights FAR Changes

| Joan Kornblith, Communications Manager
Post filed in: Acquisition  |  Federal Acquisition Service

General Services Administration’s (GSA) new video series highlighting changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is proving to be a big hit with procurement professionals government-wide. Just a few weeks after it was released, the first “FAN In A Minute”  has logged more than 1600 views, with more clicks registering each day. FAN stands for FAR Alert Notice and each 60-second video highlights several upcoming changes to the rule governing federal acquisition. The video also includes links taking viewers to the appropriate FAN, so they can read full details of the changes.

FAN In A Minute is an initiative of GSA, in conjunction with the FAR Council (OFPP, DoD, and NASA). Response has been very positive to the debut FAN In A Minute, with viewer comments including “I really like and appreciate the FAN In A Minute Video — it did a good job of explaining what’s changing in the FAR” and “Looking forward to the next episode!”

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