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Showing our commitment to history by investing in Detroit's future

Photo Caption: Regional Administrator Ann P. Kalayil (far right) is joined by Chief Judge Denise P. Hood and Judge Gerald E. Rosen of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan at the groundbreaking ceremony at the Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse in Detroit.

| Ann P. Kalayil, Great Lakes regional administrator
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Earlier this month, we marked the start of something exciting at the Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse in Detroit when we broke ground on our $140 million investment in the building. This three-phase project is a key part of our commitment to both federal agencies that work in the building and the American people that rely on our nation's justice system.

When GSA invests in our public buildings and courthouses, we're able to give our federal partners what they need in order to be an efficient and effective government for the American people. And ultimately, with this project, we're demonstrating our long-term commitment to Detroit.

This project will make significant infrastructure upgrades to this building, which includes replacing heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, elevator, and fire life safety systems. Many of the new building systems are also designed to be as energy efficient as possible, helping us to reduce operating costs. This investment is also aimed at preventing costly emergency repairs in the future. By making these upgrades today, GSA is creating a safer and more efficient work environment for the tenants and visitors.

While the work may not be visible to those working in and visiting the courthouse, when it's complete this critical investment in the 80-year old Levin Courthouse will preserve an iconic asset in downtown Detroit. This project will extend the life of the building, and ensure it continues to be a part of the Detroit's historic fabric.

And with projects like the Levin Courthouse, GSA is holding true to its commitment of enhancing our role as a catalyst for economic development. By working with a construction manager contractor located in Detroit, we are working on exceeding the small business subcontracting goals for this project. An opportunity for small businesses to work on this large project is a win for the federal government and the small business community, ultimately strengthening the urban economy of Detroit.

GSA is doing more to continue our commitment to economic development within Detroit. In 2015, we purchased the building at 985 Michigan Avenue for $1, and now we're investing nearly $90 million into this building to bring more than 700 federal employees from around the city and surrounding areas.

Across the agency, we proactively identify projects that support a community's development goals, while also striving for the best solution for our federal partners. We work to align our building, leasing, and relocation plans in support of the economic development goals of local communities where these synergies exist.

This project at the Levin Courthouse is the start of something exciting. By making this critical investment, we're helping to preserve part of Detroit's vibrant history for the next 80 years.