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GSA Blog Logo Image to provide authentication and identity proofing services to a limited number of federally funded state and local government programs.

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GSA Technology Transformation Services’ has provided federal government websites with strong authentication and identity proofing since 2017. With one account, the public can easily access participating online government services securely and seamlessly.

Crises, like the COVID-19 global pandemic and ongoing natural disasters, make it more urgent than ever for the public to gain fast and easy access to their federal benefits and services. GSA realizes the importance of state and local governments interacting with the federal government, in a secure way, particularly when administering federally funded programs. Our team, with deep expertise in security, product, engineering, and user experience, is looking for a limited number of state and local government partners seeking to take advantage of all that has to offer for their federally funded programs. leverages modern technology and best practices to create a usable and secure interface for authentication on the web.

  • Flexible multi-factor authentication. has a wide range of support for various authenticator types for securing accounts.
  • Human-centered design. Created out of user needs, rather than government complexity. Our service is in alignment with the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (21st Century IDEA).
  • Enabling wonderful user experiences. With one account, users are no longer required to remember different passwords for each government service they access.
  • Privacy protecting security. adheres to the latest security standards established by top security organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Our service is in alignment with the Cybersecurity National Action Plan.

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GSA is eager to provide support to the American public in a time of crisis, while continuing to prioritize federal agency identity needs. State and local support is authorized under Title III of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act and OMB Circular A-97. TTS will limit engagements with state and local entities to work that is linked to federal programs in which TTS is uniquely positioned to provide assistance. TTS will partner with applicable federal agencies to ensure proper coordination.

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