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CoE announcing Innovation Adoption Practice

| CoE Innovation Adoption Practice Team
Post filed in: Technology Transformation Services

Today, the Innovation Adoption Practice at GSA's Centers of Excellence (CoE) is up and running! We help partner agencies with everything from adopting enterprise-wide tools to standing up diverse agency-wide change networks. We advise on and help develop visions for future agency IT work models, new ways using technology to do work, and upskilling current talent to meet emerging needs.

CIO (chief information officer) and CDO (chief data officer) teams recognize that modernizing the 'people part' of technology contributes just as much to transformation as adopting modern technology. We've never needed innovation more than we do now, in both services and solutions.

An office within the Technology Transformation Services (TTS), the CoE team uses a broad range of expertise and experience to serve partner agencies. We've led change in federal government, local government, nonprofits, and private-sector companies.

We use training, leadership development, innovation coaching, strategic foresight, entrepreneurship, organizational performance, research and evaluation, organizational development, and strategic communications — whatever it takes.

We deliver innovation adoption services in conjunction with CoE projects led by our Centers, or as stand-alone services. We design these services to advance ways of working that create a work environment more conducive to future modernization projects.

We're also sponsoring a new Innovation Adoption Community of Practice. We hope it will allow us to inspire, support, and teach each other to apply modern principles and practices so we can be the change we want to see in the federal government. Join us!

To learn more about the entire TTS Centers of Excellence (CoE) program, please visit or contact the team directly