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Training Focus: AbilityOne Essentially the Same


Kicking off the month of June, the GSA AbilityOne Representative (ABOR) Team hosted a virtual governmentwide training session. The AbilityOne program provides employment opportunities for people who are blind or have significant disabilities in the…

Disability Awareness Month

Diversity in action: Meet the team behind GSA’s AbilityOne Program


With the Paralympic Games set to begin in two weeks, we are reminded that they have been a driving force in dismantling stigma and increasing visibility for those with disabilities. Sport is often used as a vehicle for change, uniting and inspiring…

Modernizing the "Requisition" Concepts


One of the pleasures of managing programs at GSA is seeing traditional concepts given new life in response to changes in the commercial marketplace or within government itself.  We’ve seen that with the word “requisition.”  At…

Putting A Face on AbilityOne: Part 2


In my previous blog post, I focused on the experience of three AbilityOne participants who work at a GSA retail store halfway around the world in Guam.  I think it helps all of us when we have an opportunity to personalize an important program like…

Putting a Face on AbilityOne: Part 1


I’ve been blogging a lot about the importance of GSA’s partnership with AbilityOne lately.  In April, I looked back and celebrated GSA’s 65-year history with the program, and in September, I explained how we plan to work together as…

GSA and AbilityOne: Partners in Transformation


As individuals or organizations, we deal with change constantly. While it can be challenging to adapt to new circumstances in our households or at work, one of the ways people cope is to focus on core principles and apply them to new scenarios. For the…

GSA Helps Agencies Save $10 Million on Office Supplies


GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service recently celebrated the one year anniversary of a strategic sourcing program for office supplies, which we call OS2.  In the first year of the program we saw $10.2 million in savings, which is 9 percent less…

AbilityOne Workshops Providing Jobs to Disabled Workers


Last month, I had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary employees at the Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind workshop in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  More than 100 blind or visually impaired individuals are employed there manufacturing goods for…

Last Reviewed: 2021-12-23