Guide to Preparing a Schedule Offer

Although Schedules are the premier vehicle for government sales, including federal, state, and local government agencies, they are not the only option. Getting a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) or Schedule contract does not guarantee business with the government. Your contract will need to be managed, marketed, and you will need to actively pursue opportunities to work with the government. Please take the time to understand the federal market for your product and service offerings. Research how buyers prefer to buy the supplies and services you offer and review other contract options and subcontracting opportunities to understand if Schedules are right for you.

In the following MAS New Offeror Roadmap you will learn how to submit an offer to sell commercial products and services under the Schedules Program. To be considered for a Schedule contract, you’ll need to provide accurate and complete information that describes your company, experience, and commercial products and services. All this information submitted together in an electronic package, through our eOffer system, will make up your offer.

If you choose to pursue a Schedule contract, here is an outline of the process. Offerors will:

GSA will try to award offers efficiently and effectively. However, comprehensive review, potential negotiations, and award may take up to 12 months. Submission of an offer does not guarantee the award of a Schedule contract. Keep the following in mind:

  • Complete, well-documented offers with competitive pricing are easier and faster to review.
  • Getting a contract does not guarantee your company will receive orders. You still need to market your business -- see the “Sell” section of this guide.

The links below provide a Roadmap through the offer process. You’ll take these steps to create and submit a GSA Schedules Program offer.

Get Ready Assemble Your Offer Finalize Your Offer

Look for these icons as you move through the guide to help you identify next steps and more information needed to complete each activity.

website or sytem to use Website or system you'll use

document to fill out Document we’ll give you to fill out

information to provide Information you'll need to provide

hold item for future reference Save an item to use later

estimated time to complete Estimated time to complete

associated cost Activity cost

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