OASIS CPRM Prices Paid Data (PPD) and Invoice Upload Template 01AUG24

This training class focuses on the appropriate method for reporting Prices Paid Data in CPRM for OASIS task orders and goes over the steps for using the Invoice Upload Template to streamline reporting. Analysts will be on hand to answer your questions.

Failure to ensure the Contract Access Fee (CAF) is appropriately included in all task order solicitation responses and subsequent task order awards, on a separate line item, may lead to contract non-compliance. It is critical to ensure CAF is paid to you by ordering contracting offices, so that you may in turn remit payment to GSA. Your OASIS contract requires you to report new task orders awarded against your contract within 30 days in CPRM, and to report invoices each quarter after that. Remittance of CAF billed to, and collected from, your customers in a timely manner through CPRM reporting is required by the contract in Section G.3.1., Contract Access Fee. You may contact oasiscprm@gsa.gov with any questions you have about CPRM or reporting.



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