Greening Federal Buildings

Example of Green GSA Buildings

GSA, the government’s largest civilian landlord, leads the way in green building design, construction, retrofit and sustainable operations and maintenance. Through its commitment to sustainable design, GSA pledges to serve as a forward thinking and responsible steward of our nation’s economic and natural resources.

Green programs at GSA

  • Deep energy retrofits

    Learn about deep energy retrofits and what agencies can do to further their efforts toward energy and cost reduction in federal buildings.

  • Energy and water management program

    Reduces federal utility costs by promoting optimal energy use.

  • Environment program

    Optimizing operations to provide sustainable, high performance workplaces to federal employees.

  • Integrated pest management

    Award-winning program teaches federal and local agencies a coordinated system of technological and management practices to control pests in a safe, environmentally sound, and economical manner.

  • Landscape management

    Benefits GSA with healthier, longer-lived plantings which rely less on pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, and minimize water use.

  • Green leasing

    Steps for making all government offices compliant with Energy Star requirements.

  • Green products, services, vehicles

    How to use federal buying power to make sustainable choices.

  • GSA Proving Ground

    Leveraging our real estate portfolio to evaluate sustainable building technologies.

  • Office of Federal High-Performance Buildings

    Enabling and enhancing Federal leadership in sustainable real property portfolio management and operations by promoting, coordinating, and stimulating green building across the Federal government.

  • Smart buildings

    Partners people and technology to create a green building strategy.

  • Sustainable buildings

    An integrated approach positively impacts all phases of a building’s life-cycle.

  • LEED building information

    GSA requires LEED Gold as the minimum requirement for new construction and substantial renovation of GSA-owned facilities.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-02-06