Digital Strategies

The Digital Strategies Division within the Office of Government-wide Policy’s Office of Technology Policy is charged with assisting agencies and facilitating cross-agency collaboration to improve digital service delivery and compliance with federal web policy.


  • 21st Century IDEA - Aims to improve the digital experience for government customers and reinforces existing requirements for federal public websites.
  • Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act - Lays out the requirements of federal agencies with respect to digital accessibility.


  • Federal Web Council - An interagency group of federal web managers working together to improve the delivery of U.S. government information and services.
  • ICT Accessibility - The Government-wide IT Accessibility Team assists federal agencies in educating employees about their responsibilities under Section 508, supports 508 program management across government and helps agencies build the infrastructure necessary to support IT Accessibility and Section 508 implementation government-wide. For more information on the Government-wide IT Accessibility team visit their primary website:
  • Digital Dashboard - The Digital Dashboard (DD) is a government-wide analytical and visualization resource that scans publicly available websites on the .Gov domain to enable authenticated (non-public) users to see an array of graphics covering multiple dimensions of federal website performance and accessibility.
Last Reviewed: 2022-07-07