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Baltimore-area federal buildings slated for $23 million for low-embodied carbon materials through Inflation Reduction Act

GSA plans to allocate approximately $23 million for window replacement, asphalt repairs and alterations.

PHILADELPHIA -- The U.S. General Services Administration plans to allocate $23 million for repair and alteration projects at the Edward A. Garmatz U.S. Courthouse in Baltimore and the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) Headquarters in Woodlawn, Maryland.
Funded through the Inflation Reduction Act, the project is one of more than 150 low-embodied carbon projects that GSA announced yesterday.

The Edward A. Garmatz U.S. Courthouse project includes the installation of over 44,000 square feet of low-embodied carbon glass windows and incorporate new daylighting control technologies in the downtown Baltimore courthouse. This $12 million project includes the replacement of sidewalks along Lombard and Hanover streets utilizing low-embodied carbon concrete. This project aims to enhance the site, improve the building envelope’s efficiency, and improve tenant satisfaction with the facility while minimizing its embodied carbon footprint.

In Woodlawn, Maryland, the $11 million CMS Headquarters project will support the replacement of deteriorating parking lots at the complex. In addition to incorporating low-embodied carbon asphalt, the project seeks to incorporate other environmentally preferable paving features to further enhance sustainability and reduce the burden on the local stormwater system.“These projects will provide improved and high quality upgrades to these facilities, which are important to our customers,” stated Joanna Rosato, acting Mid-Atlantic Region Regional Administrator. “And as importantly, they mark a critical, sustainable investment in facilities that provide important services to the American people.”

The Inflation Reduction Act includes $3.4 billion for GSA to influence market research and development of low-embodied carbon materials, and to build more sustainable and cost-efficient high-performance facilities. GSA’s Inflation Reduction Act projects will implement new technologies and accelerate GSA’s efforts in achieving a net-zero emissions federal building portfolio by 2045. Through these investments, GSA estimates that it could reduce carbon emissions by 2.3 million metric tons in greenhouse gas emissions. That is the equivalent of taking about 500,000 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles off the road for one year.

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