Episode 1 - A Triple Win

The podcast, “GSA Does That!?” is back with its second season, and this time it’s exploring the General Services Administration’s (GSA) commitment to sustainability. In this episode, GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan and Jason Walsh from the Blue Green Alliance discuss the “triple win” of sustainability, which includes creating high-quality jobs, reducing energy costs, and promoting healthier communities. Carnahan explains how GSA is working towards incorporating sustainable practices in government operations. This includes incorporating low embodied carbon materials into projects and transitioning to carbon-free electricity in its 8,000 buildings. Meanwhile, Walsh highlights the collaborative efforts between labor and environmental groups to advance sustainability. He debunks the myth that economic progress and environmental protection are mutually exclusive. This episode provides insights into GSA’s multi-billion-dollar investment in reducing pollution and aligns with the administration’s broader goals for a sustainable future.

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