Episode 4 - Sustainability and Service: A Conversation with Elliot Doomes, Commissioner of PBS

In our latest episode, we speak with Elliot Doomes, Commissioner of the Public Building Service (PBS) at the General Services Administration. PBS maintains a real estate portfolio of almost 362,000,000ft², both owned and leased.

Doomes discussed PBS’s focus on sustainability, the goal of achieving net zero emissions, and procuring carbon-free electricity for the portfolio by 2045. He also emphasized the historical and architectural significance of public buildings and the challenges faced by the PBS.

In everything they do, PBS is focused on public service and the well-being of the community. PBS’s  initiatives and commitment to sustainability set an example for other organizations to follow in their pursuit of a greener future. This interview serves as a testament to the role of government in driving positive change and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within the public sector.

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