Technology Modernization Fund seeking proposals for Artificial Intelligence projects

WASHINGTON – The Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) today announced a call for project proposals to help federal agencies implement President Biden’s Executive Order on the safe, secure, and trustworthy development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the federal government.

To support AI implementation, the TMF is offering multiple paths to funding to help agencies better operate across organizational boundaries, improve coordination between existing programs to advance delivery of the agency mission, and modernize legacy systems. Agency proposals seeking $6 million or less and having a project timeline of no more than 1.5 years will receive an expedited review process for investment in an effort to help agencies achieve positive outcomes and impact quickly.

“The Executive Order’s emphasis on investing in AI through the Technology Modernization Fund speaks to the Administration’s strong commitment to responsibly explore the potential of AI innovation to enhance and optimize government service delivery,” said TMF Acting Executive Director Larry Bafundo. “We’re excited to partner with agencies with the aim to enable rapid deployment, process automation, delivery of assistive technology, better customer experience, and reduced administrative burden for staff.” 

“As one of the world’s largest enterprises, the federal government has an obligation to harness the power of AI for good while protecting people from its risks,” said TMF Board Chair and Federal Chief Information Officer, Clare Martorana. “We have identified more than 700 use cases of where AI is being deployed across the federal government, from its use in anticipating and mitigating prescription drug shortages and supply chain issues to assisting cyber forensic specialists in detecting anomalies and potential threats in federal civilian networks. Use of the TMF has the potential to accelerate AI usage in government and unlock the innovation that we know we are capable of delivering for the public.”

All proposals must include a clear plan for user testing, risk mitigation, evaluation metrics, and senior executive support, but agencies have flexibility in how they approach their project and potential solutions.

Interested agencies may contact the TMF Program Management Office to discuss their project and apply for this funding.


About the TMF: The Technology Modernization Fund is working to transform the way the government uses technology to deliver for the American public in an equitable, secure, and user-centric way. The TMF invests in technology projects across government, providing incremental funding, technical assistance, and oversight throughout execution to ensure the success of its investments.

The TMF is overseen by the Technology Modernization Board, which is composed of government IT leaders representing proven expertise in technology, transformation, and operations. TMF investments have supported projects ranging from modernizing the payment system used by the government’s second largest revenue-collecting agency to helping to develop a new customer relationship management platform to maintain crucial international partnerships. To date, the TMF has received $225 million through the annual budget process and $1 billion through the American Rescue Plan to fund modernization projects. For more information, visit

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